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Roberto de Inocencio rdinocencio at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 10:59:02 UTC 2020

Thank you for clarifying Australian humor, Peter.  It would have escaped me
In all frankness, had'nt I had your explanation, I would have understood it
as irreverent, disrespectful and tasteless, not to mention the celebration
of your partner's 50th.birthday.
Be well. Best.
El dom., 22 mar. 2020 11:40, Peter Howie <peter at moreno.com.au> escribió:

> Hi Adam,
> You must be getting close to the end: you didn’t mention your new book
> once in the last 5 emails. (Australian facetious humour for those who do
> not recognise it)
> It is very good to see and read you here.
> I’ve taken a quick left turn into something called sexological bodywork -
> that should keep you occupied for at least another 5 minutes ( further
> Australian irreverent humour for those who do not recognise it)
> Where do you think your family will hold your funeral? Are you going to
> have a funeral before you die? I ran my partner's 50 birthday as a funeral
> about 15 years back - black balloons, a stage where she sat on a
> sun-lounge, a Catholic priest in his best ancient garb, and folks who
> wanted to give eulogies. So she heard all the eulogies and we sang her
> favourite songs. It was quite something for her an us. So much better to
> hear the eulogies much like you read them here.
> You are wonderful Adam
> Peter
> *Dr Peter HowieB.Sc, M.Ed, T.E.P, PhD*
> *Certified Sexological Bodyworker*
> *45 Clarence St, Coorparoo*
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> On 22 Mar 2020, at 8:19 am, Karen Carnabucci <realtruekaren at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> Hello Adam:
> I love having you pop up every so often to remind us that you're here!
> When you are no longer here (in physical space!) I know I will miss you
> greatly.
> In the meanwhile, always good to hear from you.
> Much love,
> *Karen Carnabucci, LCSW, TEP*
> *Lancaster School of Psychodrama & Experiential Psychotherapies*
> Alternative psychotherapy, training, groups & classes
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> 313 W. Liberty St., Suite 263
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> I'm growing ooollldd and this is part of my preparations to say "good-bye"
> to all. I am grateful for you who have corresponded with me, and for those
> who haven't yet, sorry. I'm now eighty-two and preparing to exit---er,
> "die," and no one knows the mystery of that realm.
>    Thank you for corresponding with me! It made my life more meaningful!
> Bless you all!
>    Yours, Adam Blatner
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