Dear Adam

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Sun Mar 22 15:25:40 UTC 2020


you drew me into asgpp with your openness at the first conference i was at...i chucked at your cartoon drawing of jolly JL (and i always include that drawing with my workshop handouts)...and your book foundations taught me psychodrama as well as any reading ever could...i still open a random page over breakfast as my warm up for directing...your website is another important part of your legacy....

i love you and your contributions to our community sociometry, your commitment and enthusiasm for our field, and your intellectual contributions.  geeesch! i will miss you!  don't go away yet!!!💕

shelley firestone

> On Mar 22, 2020, at 6:48 AM, Lars Tauvon <lars.tauvon at> wrote:
> Your book "Acting in" was one of the first books I read when I was a Psychodrama Student. -Of course my main teacher at that time,Dean Elefthery, told us we had to start with Moreno. But your book was definitely easier to read. I think we met just once, in Oxford around 20 years ago   and I especially remember your singing.
> So -Good Bye.I have become an old man too. Be proud of your life.
> Lars Tauvon,Sweden
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