Spontaneity - Playfulness - Grounded Theory

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Ulf, Peter, Dan, et al.

Ulf I agree with your brief - 'Ideas Historiography' - commentary on Moreno
as theorist re; Spontaneity, Systems, Complexity, Identity [Subject] and

However any historiography is not complete without reference to Georg Hegel
and then of course Heraclitus and Parmenides and back as far as Xenophanes.

You hint at this by raising the substance - essence conundrum.... which is
exactly what the Ancient Greeks wrestled with.


Peter has asked about our, 'over-lapping concepts' in respect to Spontaneity
- Playfulness.... so we are forgiven for referring here to Moreno as

It might be more profitable though to think of Moreno primarily as
Methodologist than Theorist. I see that you do use the term Praxis, Ulf.


Whether we focus on theory or method I presume we are first stuck with
deciding how to approach our research. What meta-theory [or non-theory] will
we use to design our research? If we rule out Positivism then is it;
Phenomenology? Grounded Theory? Process Theory? Dialectical Critical


Shall we creatively conceive playful concepts? Shall we perceive playful
random percepts? Do we Direct [Produce] protagonists to be playful
Structuralists or to be spontaneous Post-Structuralists?


Any preference?

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