Group Centered Psychodrama

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Sat Jun 26 21:54:45 UTC 2021

Nice to be back on group talk with my buds!  Miss Adam. 

I have a model of couples therapy that combines Imago n psychodrama interventions that seems to work quite well. 

They start out by picking an object to be their TSM Observing ego/compassionate witness to help them stay out of shaming or blaming themselves or their partner. 

Then we do Imago appreciations n reflections. 

Then they each choose a topic to work on n we set a clinical contract in which order. 

I use soliloquy, empty chair to the parental voices intruding while the other partner watches, role reversal etc. 

N then end with TSM meaning making to carry forward. 

We have also moved to a model we are calling simultaneous protagonists for our group work if you want to hear more. 

Happy to be connected again.  

Kate Hudgins, Ph,D, TEP
Therapeutic Spiral International

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> On Jun 26, 2021, at 2:40 PM, David Moran <davidfmoran at> wrote:
> Please reply I am interested in answers I’m just breaking into couples therapy 
> Thanks Dave
>> On Jun 26, 2021, at 11:24 AM, Walter Logeman <walter at> wrote:
>> Hi all 
>> I'm writing an article on what I'm calling “couple centered psychodrama”. That got me thinking that we already use the term “group centered psychodrama”.  
>> Does anyone know of references or have ideas about producing such dramas?
>> Walter 
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