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Sadly - I am at variance with all the contributions in this discourse so far. Please bear with me.
Even in saying that I realize I am at another type of variance; how to refer to the blogs. All 
reference to these blogs have been as ‘discussion’ and I am using the word ‘discourse’.
Its more than semantics. Discussion infers sharing perspectives on a known and agreed topic. 
Discourse infers sharing difficulties in knowing [defining] what topic is being referred to. Let’s put 
that aside though and stay focused on the meaning of,  ‘Group Centered’. 

The [blogs] contributions so far relate to Psychodrama as Method. Of course I am in full accord with 
Psychodrama as Method. Either as a single Method or as polysemic Method and as such I go along 
with [if not fully agree] what is being said. ‘Multiple- protagonist’ psychodrama productions are 
another variant of the Method. Yes - Psychodrama Producing can be done well via the method of
Leader-led Group via Director Warmup Group-work   – or – the method of Group Warmup Group-
work via Group-selected [Peer] leadership. 
To be successful in preventing the [jail or psychiatric ward type] Group from becoming un-grouped 
and going off the rails the Leader-led Group leader needs to be the most expert and the most 
spontaneous person in the room. To be successful in preventing the [peer type] Group from falling 
foul of group-think and becoming myopic and non-experimental the Group-selected [Peer] 
leadership needs to regularly incorporate structural changes [challenges] into the Group’s  group-
work. Rene Marineau is really successful running creative re-structuring type workshops last I 

My variance in respect to these blog-threads is on thinking ‘Psychodrama as Theory’ - as much 
about  Method. Which is of course to say, to think ‘Psychodrama Praxis’; the combination of theory 
and method [practice].

If you are interested in more explanation of  where I am coming from in respect of Group Praxis I 
have attached  a short note. It is an introductory statement and by no means a full or complete 
explication; yet I hope it is clear enough. 
Best Til Next,
Brendan Cartmel

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