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It is not related to "worship" I do not think.
It is simply an action we take and live.
For example, the Encounter Symbol shows the relationship of the self (one arc) to the First Universe, which Moreno called the Godhead (other arc)
They cross, interlap.  We just live that day to day and we also implement that as we use his method.
The canon of creativity as well, is a map and set of instructions for how that spark emerges, meets resistance, moves to a form, settles and cools.

The entire method is about the action of the self and the group and the society with the Godhead, as I see it.  Not like religious worship, but action in life.

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Dear Edward,
The Godhead. The First Universe is the source of the spark we find.
The question is 'what do we do next?'
Do we worship the Godhead? If it is nothing but symbology and metaphor and abstract language then
we have no other choice but to bow and kneel.
If it is something we can do some sort of 'science' with then we need more grounded practice than
To quote your good self, Moreno says he did not try to 'create a new religion' but a new form of
'theatre' \ action space.
What form does this new 'science' take? - is our inquiry.


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