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Very exciting Ed.  Between your book and this future projection your important work will be more out there!  Congratulations! 

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> A bit more information -  New Program coming in 2022
> The Social Microscope
> Social Network Theory and Psychodrama
> Education on Life, Organizations and Society
> Training Workshop for Organizations, Groups, Individuals
> From the Work of JL Moreno and Zerka Moreno
> Grandparents of Social Network Theory and Founders of Psychodrama
> Edward Wellen Schreiber, TEP
> Organizations have an underlying structure within them that is impacting the entire organization and everyone in it. This is also true of our entire society.  
> This underlying structure is mostly hidden, yet it exerts a tremendous impact on the functioning of the organization and society. This underlying structure determines
> how an organization and how society structures access, resources, and privilege.
> For example, racism becomes visible, yet society has an underlying central structure that sustains racism as an organized system.  This is also true for poverty and all
> forms of social oppression.  Each one us are in relationship to this underlying structure. To make this hidden structure visible is one of the two educational practices of this training workshop. 
> This the genius of Zerka and JL Moreno.    
> Second, there is a primordial intelligence, a “first universe” in which all beings are related and connected. This field of intelligence is always present and active.
> Human beings can directly experience this field of Intelligence.  Once experienced, and over time integrated, one is able to see this Intelligence in its action, and this experiential insight changes everything.
> Bringing light to the underlying structure impacting society and organizations - while experiencing the field of Intelligence that exists within us, around us, and between us - are the learning objectives
> of this training workshop, aligned with the values of social justice.
> To arrange for an information session and for more information:
> Edward Wellen Schreiber
> Zerka Foundation
> 413-695-6557
> edwschreiber at
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