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There is nothing silly or demeaned about Moreno's understanding of the Godhead.
Prefer to not denigrate.  Please.
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Hi Rob,
Thanks for these references.
Yes – Moreno was keen on existentialism – especially Kierkegaard as birthing what JL saw as the
‘intellectual’ phase of it.
These days it is very crude to lump Heidegger and Husserl in the existentialist camp; even as
phenomenological existentialists.
But we can see what JL was valiantly trying to accomplish. A vitalized ‘I-Exist’ consciousness as
further emergence [if not evolution] of 19th C German Idealism post- his beloved Vienna.
Our difficulty is that our contemporary culture is hell-bent on forms of ‘science’. We all want to
understand some-one and some-thing before we want to value them or ‘it’.
If IAGP is to connect to this ‘science’ malady we will need to find ways to show we see the limits of
understanding as obsession.
I just saw a documentary on Elon Musk’s space [Mars] probe. Pundits were saying Musk is a
prophet for the Universe [God-head] that is calling us to a new inter-planetary intelligence. If that is
the case should we then run small group-work dressed in astronaut suits so we are socio-metrically
more aligned to the God-head?
Of course it was easier in the 1970s to go hippie and just drop-out. Wear flowers and not space
My understanding is Husserl got gobbled up by the science of Lacan’s 1980s layered symbology.
It is entertaining to ponder what Moreno’s antidote to that would have been.
Best Til Next,
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