Project for the American Board of Examiners: Researching Potential for Sociodrama Certificate

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Fri Sep 17 11:49:04 UTC 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Other Boards that provide certification in our method around the world offer a Certification (or Certificate) in Sociodrama as 
a stand alone "product" for teachers, community organizers, ministers, etc.   

Some time ago I approached the ABE about the process of discerning whether such a Certificate might be possible in the US.  
In response the ABE sent to me the steps needed to propose such a change to the ABE.  The membership of certified TEPs and CPs would
ultimately vote if the proposal to the ABE met the standards of the required steps for such a change.
It is my request to our community to see if there is sufficient interest in forming a small (suggesting 5-7) person group to take
on the process of the steps required for such a proposal to the American Board.

If you have specialty in Sociodrama and/or if you have interest in working on this project, please send an email directly to me
rather than through grouptalk.  My email address is:   edwschreiber at
October - December 2021
Formation of Task Force and Task Force Review of steps
January - June 2022
Research and design of proposal for ABE
Edward Schreiber, TEP
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