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Hello, all

I recently posted this on Adam's website, on the page where his obit is posted.

I had the great honor of meeting Adam at the psychodrama conference in San Fran in the 2000 aughts. At that same conference I met his daughter. As a dad with daughters, I felt very strongly that bond, and loved seeing it with an adult father and daughter, a vision of a future for me. We corresponded, every once in a while, over email. Although I am sure that is not unique, it did feel very special. He was very interested in my work. I am sad to read of this, and more so these months later. As I prepare for certification, I have come back to Acting In, which was a foundational text. It is with greater sense of purpose now that I look forward to progressing through these certification processes. We have lost a man who gave us words that now we must use our own voices to speak and act into existence.
Adam Blatner, 1937-2021 | Adam Blatner<>
Adam Blatner, M.D., “floated to the finish” (in his own words) in October. Inspired as a child by his primary physician’s kindness, Dr. Blatner declared his intention to become a doctor even before elementary school, saying “I want to help other little children, like you do.”

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