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What is the Grouptalk listserv?

Grouptalk, an international "listserv" moderated by Tom Treadwell and dedicated to "action-group psychotherapies". Grouptalk was developed 19 years ago with the intent of creating a discussion list focused on the "action modalities." The objective was not to limit Grouptalk to psychodramatists, thus it has been expanded to include other psycho-social communities utilizing "action" modalities. Over the past twelve years the membership has increased significantly and has reached 280 + members. Grouptalk was developed in cooperation with the moderator of the "Group Psychotherapy listserv", Haim Weinberg.

Grouptalk General Information

Your forum leader is Tom Treadwell, EdD, TEP,CGP, Professor of Psychology and mentor for students pursuing a cognitive-behavioral group psychotherapy, psychodrama and sociometry concentration in the clinical psychology program at West Chester University. Grouptalk was designed for "creative arts action group psychotherapies". Subscribers represent many disciplines, such as, Art, Music, Drama, Psychodrama, Sociodrama, Psychiatry, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Philosophy, Occupational Therapy, to name a few. There are members from the U.S.A, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Greenland, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, India, to name a few. 

Grouptalk is an international listserv aiming to encourage the development of the action group psychotherapies and group work through the exchange of ideas between professionals in this field.  The list has been serving as the sounding board for the exchange of ideas, discussions on theoretical and applied concepts, publication issues, consultation with colleagues on sensitive & professional issues, sharing of references, and a place to describe your professional experiences.  In addition, the list serves members in suggesting and discussing new group action techniques, discussions on research in progress and a place to inform others about important professional conferences and workshops.

Grouptalk-Digest is a Digest for the convenience of list-members who prefer viewing messages on a weekly basis.

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