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Yes I am thinking you all are describing the 1st universe of cosmic connection, the godhead, tele and TSM contributes at the level of the realized 2nd universe.  Thanks for helping me see that.  So now when Steven falls to his knees. Hand held high reaching for the 2nd 1st universe to come together with the 2nd universe, I understand even more deeply.


Kate Hudgins, Ph,D, TEP
Therapeutic Spiral International

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> On Oct 1, 2021, at 4:58 PM, cartmel at wrote:
> Hi Edward & Kate,
> Edward - thanks for sharing your motivations for writing on Education For Life.
> A lot has happened in recent years in the USA. One event that stood out for me was the unexpected 
> Occupy Wall Street Movement where lots of people simply sat in the street and virtually said, 'Let's 
> think about this situation. Billions of Dollars being made and Financial Institutions being trashed. What 
> can we learn from all this as... Education For Life?' Of course those with financial power simply 
> dismissed these people as naïve and uneducated an ineffectual.
> I see this Occupy Movt was somehow begging Sociodrama. All the best with your visionary writing. 
> Kate - thanks for providing the sound reasoning for TSM as Praxis \ Practice.
> Best Regards,
> Brendan.
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