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Moreno noted another form of intelligence, that from what he described as a "first universe" which relates to what we now understand is quantum physics.
This is Moreno's more obscure work of SOCIATRY and social healing.   My work of 20 plus years has been to study and research this body of knowledge
largely held in the Countway Library in the Moreno Collection.   >From this collection has come the publication of AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A GENIUS which
is the finally full autobiography.

Here is my synthesis of this, as a new project of completion of years of research as mentored by my teacher, Zerka Moreno who encouraged this.
Organizations have an underlying central structure within them that is impacting the entire organization and everyone in it. The same is true for society.
This underlying structure is mostly hidden, yet it exerts a tremendous impact on the functioning of the organization and society. It influences how an
organization and society imparts access, resources, and privilege.
For example, racism becomes visible, yet society has an underlying structure that sustains racism as an organized system. This is also true for poverty
and all forms of social oppression. All of us are in a relationship to this underlying structure. Making this hidden structure visible is one of the two educational practices
of this training workshop. This is the genius of Zerka and J.L. Moreno.
Second, there is a primordial intelligence, a “first universe” in which all beings are related and connected. This field of intelligence exists within us, around us, and between us,
is always present and active. Human beings can learn to experience this field of Intelligence. Once experienced and integrated over time, we can see this Intelligence in action.
A new vista opens, it expands our perception of everything.
Bringing light to the underlying structure impacting society and organizations- while experiencing the field of Intelligence that exists between us all - are the learning-practices of this training workshop, all aligned with the values of social justice.

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