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Dear Colleagues,

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of a Psychodrama Book

[image: cover-psychodrama_21st_century.jpg]

Psychodrama in the 21st Century: Clinical and Educational Applications,
Springer Publications, New York, 2003

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of this book.

The endorsement of the late Zerka T. Moreno, summarizes the book's unique
qualities. She wrote:

“This volume is a brave and ambitious undertaking. It brings together the
work of a large number of authors who interweave a variety of disciplines
with the philosophy, principles, and applications of the oeuvre of the late
J. L. Moreno, MD, so as to give the reader a round-the-world horizon.”

The book was inspired by Robert Siroka, a student of Moreno who founded the
Sociometric Institute of New York. He and his wife Jacquie led a seminar in
which I participated, and after a year of meeting I took it upon myself to
contact psychodrama leaders around the world. They contributed chapters to
this book, representing various ways of applying psychodrama into their own
work. Some of the chapters are ground breaking, and editing this book was
the highlight of my work in this creative field.

The book has been translated into Portuguese (in Brazil 🇧🇷), Chinese🇨🇳 and


The Book’s Content:

The book covers a wide range of innovative clinical and educational
applications of psychodrama techniques in a variety of settings, with
numerous case examples. The following subjects are covered:

Part I: Psychodrama and Other Methods -Overview of the Triadic System by
Louise Lipman, Psychoanalytic Group Psychotherapy by Sandra Garfield,
Bowen's Systems Theory by Chris Farmer and Marcia Geller, Structural Family
Therapy by Jacob Gershoni, Body-Mind Connection by Kristi Magraw and Mary
Anne Carswell, Art Therapy by Jean Peterson

Part II: Applications with Various Groups - Psychodrama in Everyday Life by
Adam Blatner, Latency Age Children by Mary Jo Amatruda, Adolescents by
Mario Cossa, War Veterans by Elaine Camerota and Jonathan Steinberg,
Earthquake Trauma by Deniz Altinay, Addictions and Women by Tian Dayton,
Gay and Lesbian Community by Jacob Gershoni, Couples' Therapy by Joseph

Part III: Application in Training and Consultation - Experiential Education
by Herb Propper, Training Trial Lawyers by James Leach, Consultations with
Primary Care Physicians by Chris Farmer

For more information and to order, visit www.SpringerPub.com. Click
successively the site's links to: Books, Recommended Classroom Texts, and

Jacob Gershoni, LCSW, CGP, TEP
New York, NY 10032
Email: jacobg12 at gmail.com
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