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Drar Ed,
Could you please explain a bit more what you mean. I dont understand how
the experience of Godhead becomes the fild of intelligence and what is that
the quantom physics teaches.

Thank you!
Judith Teszáry

fre 8 okt. 2021 kl. 02:46 skrev <edwschreiber at earthlink.net>:

> Experiencing is (was) Moreno's obsession as a means for understanding.
> The experience of the Godhead, this field of intelligence that the science
> of
> quantum physics teaches, is an intelligence to be found in the realm of
> experience,
> as Moreno realized and taught to us.   My understanding of it - is this -
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> There is nothing silly or demeaned about Moreno's understanding of the
> Godhead.
> Prefer to not denigrate.  Please.
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> Hi Rob,
> Thanks for these references.
> Yes – Moreno was keen on existentialism – especially Kierkegaard as
> birthing what JL saw as the
> ‘intellectual’ phase of it.
> These days it is very crude to lump Heidegger and Husserl in the
> existentialist camp; even as
> phenomenological existentialists.
> But we can see what JL was valiantly trying to accomplish. A vitalized
> ‘I-Exist’ consciousness as
> further emergence [if not evolution] of 19th C German Idealism post- his
> beloved Vienna.
> Our difficulty is that our contemporary culture is hell-bent on forms of
> ‘science’. We all want to
> understand some-one and some-thing before we want to value them or ‘it’.
> If IAGP is to connect to this ‘science’ malady we will need to find ways
> to show we see the limits of
> understanding as obsession.
> I just saw a documentary on Elon Musk’s space [Mars] probe. Pundits were
> saying Musk is a
> prophet for the Universe [God-head] that is calling us to a new
> inter-planetary intelligence. If that is
> the case should we then run small group-work dressed in astronaut suits so
> we are socio-metrically
> more aligned to the God-head?
> Of course it was easier in the 1970s to go hippie and just drop-out. Wear
> flowers and not space
> suits.
> My understanding is Husserl got gobbled up by the science of Lacan’s 1980s
> layered symbology.
> It is entertaining to ponder what Moreno’s antidote to that would have
> been.
> Best Til Next,
> Brendan
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